L.I.F.E Program

The Loyalty in Free Enterprise (L.I.F.E.) is a lifestyle. It’s a L.I.F.E. “style” that facilitate professional goals for NEBA League Membership. The loyalty business model is used in strategic management to employ resources strategically to increase the loyalty of its membership. A free enterprise is freedom of private business to organize without interference. The L.I.F.E. Cooperative shall establish and social impact marketplaces.

LIFE Cooperative

Cooperative is a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit. The L.I.F.E. Cooperative is a group of professionals working together willingly for a common purpose or benefit and demonstrating an ongoing willingness to cooperate to meet business goals and objectives. This includes, among other things, discounted pricing on membership products, goods & services.

Our Core Values

NEBA League shall partner with L.I.F.E. and encourage cooperative participation to increase value for membership. L.I.F.E. service providers are any consultant, independent contractor, agent, manager, advisor, service provider, manufacturer, distributor, producer, or otherwise who renders services to NEBA League membership. This is a purposeful strategy to assemble service providers, products, goods & service offerings in one place.