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What does NEBA mean?

National Emcee Battle Association (NEBA)

What is a NEBA League Player?

A Player in the NEBA League is a person who is an active registered member of NEBALeague.com and is designated as an “Emcee,” on a NEBA Team, affiliate, or league member. NEBA League Players gain exclusive access to participate in NEBA League Events, NEBA League Try Outs, access to resources & more. Click here to learn more and become a player in the NEBA League. This includes international players.

What is a NEBA League Free Agent?

A NEBA League Free Agent is a person who is an active registered member of NEBALeague.com and is designated as a “Free Agent” and meets eligibility requirements. Click here to learn more and become a free agent in the NEBA League.

What is the NEBA League Competition comprised of?

NEBA League Battle Rap Pro Sport League performance and battle competition are live shows, streamed on the internet and 3.0. Battle & Tournament competition include, among other things, 1-on-1, 3-on-3, & 5-on-5 competition formats. Skills will be based on rule categories. These competitions are scored upon using the NEBA League Scoring System. Audiences can vote on team and individual performances.

What is a NEBA League Tournament?

A NEBA League Tournament is a series of sanctioned battle event competitions between NEBA League Teams & Players competing for rankings & exposure in the league. For example, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) are basketball tournament games that benefit HBCUs. The “EMCEE IAA Tournament” league tournament featuring league talent and shall take place in conjunction and in support of HBCUs with proceeds benefitting HBCUs.

What is a NEBA League Conference?

A Conference in the NEBA League is a geographic regional area in the U.S. that memorialize the Hip Hop sounds of that region set forth as a conference in the NEBA League. Teams will operate in these geographic areas and communities competing against each other in battle rap competition while supporting efforts to build communities.

What is NEBA B-SIDE/MCAA League?

The NEBA B-SIDE MCAA League is the “flip-side” league (the other side of the 45, vinyl) where you get that raw unheard new sound. B-SIDE MCAA Teams will be affiliates of NEBA Teams. League rules and regulations will be similar. The Mic Controllers Association of America (MCAA) is a place where league affiliate team owners will draw upon the pool of talent for the league. League tryouts will take place throughout the USA in all (6) regions. Download the B-SIDE MCAA League 1-PAGER for your view. Click here to Buy a B-SIDE MCAA League Team. 

What are NEBA League Rules & Regulations?

The NATIONAL EMCEE BATTLE ASSOCIATION Rules & Regulations are, among other things, designed to govern league systems and maintain the integrity of the league. The rules are intended to govern NEBA League team owners and NEBA League players and all related parties. Click here to pre-order the NEBA RULE BOOK: Down By Law, First Edition, become a part of Hip Hop history.

How do I join the league as an Authorized NEBA Service Provider?

An authorized service provider in the NEBA League is a person who is an active registered member of NEBALeague.com and is designated as a “Service Provider” on a NEBA Team or affiliate. Service Providers include but not limited to promoters, photographers, videographers, graffiti artists, media companies, lawyers, accountants, distribution companies and any professional service providers that seek to provide services in the NEBA League. All applicants must meet league eligibility requirements. Click here to learn more and become a NEBA League Preferred Service Provider.

What are NEBA League Events?

All NEBA League Events must be approved by the league or league affiliates or authorized sponsors or service providers. Events like: Emcee battle rap try outs & tournament competitions are set forth as local, regional, & national events for aspiring Emcees, DJs, and performance artists. NEBA Events are live and/or virtual events approved by the league. The NEBA Events include, among other things, Emcee & DJ tryouts, battle rap skill competitions, tournaments, & general NEBA Team play or individual events.

What is the Mission Statement for the NATIONAL EMCEE BATTLE ASSOCIATION (“NEBA”)?

NEBA Hip Hop Committee prides itself on empowering multigenerational generations of Hip Hop culture while preserving the essence of the culture and the Hip Hop Legends who have made it possible to do this thing we call Emceein’. NEBA seeks to bring old school Hip-Hop Legends and new school Battle Rap Emcees together and usher in jointly the next generation of Battle Rap Emcees around the world. This mission is designed to promote & curate Emceein’ as a sport to advance Hip Hop culture while paying homage to the legends.

The mission is to cultivate and empower its league players, teams, and affiliates to be self-sufficient and independent with an entrepreneurship approach to building an enterprise. NEBA League shall provide key tools & resources for business sustainability and at the same time provide DOPE Hip Hop Music. NEBA League content is designed to incite skills & empowerment within Hip Hop culture. Most importantly, NEBA League seeks to provide a platform for artists, DJs, and performance talent to inspire creatives and establish a talent pool for quality music, arts, and entertainment


National Emcee Battle Association (NEBA) is a “Pro Sports Battle Rap League for Emcees, DJs & Performance Artists.” The NEBA League is comprised of Six (6) Team Conferences across the United States, Boom Bap East, Dirty Southeast, Screwed South, Dank Southwest, Hyphy Northwest, & Chopper North. See the NEBA Geography Map. There is international team play too. International players can join the league and compete too. Battle Rap Emcee Teams compete with one another across the United States & internationally in conference play. Performances are seen live, on the web & 3.0. Audiences can vote on battle rap competitions.

What is the NEBA League Draft?

The NEBA League Draft is an event in which teams from the NATIONAL EMCEE BATTLE ASSOCIATION (NEBA) & B-SIDE can draft players who are eligible, desire to join the leagues, and got bars. There is a lottery draft selection and teams take turns selecting from a pool of eligible NEBA League Players. When a team selects a player, the team receives exclusive rights to that player unless there is an agreed upon agreement between the parties approved by the league.

How are the Emcee Scores calculated for NEBA competition?

Emcees generate scores from the NEBA Scoring System which measure battle rap categories like parodies, freestyling, storytelling, consciousness, awareness, and more. Teams and Emcees compete for cash, prizes, rankings, wins, & bragging rights for supremacy in the battle rap universe around the world. NEBA Scoring is comprised of (4) components: NEBALeague.com, social media, app voting, NEBA Hip Hop Committee voting. Together these components comprise the scoring for competitions both in the NEBA League and B-SIDE. Scoring is calculated using the NEBA League Scoring System.

What is a NEBA League Team?

A NEBA League Team is a team licensed franchise organization in the National Emcee Battle Association (NEBA). They are owned and operated under license by the NEBA League Corporation and its affiliates. NEBA League Teams are comprised of and structured with a Team Owner, Team General Manager, Team Coach & Team Players. The players are the talent. NEBA League Players are generally comprised of Emcees, Vocalists, DJs, Breakers, Dancers, Graff Writers, Beat Boxers, and more. Teams work together towards a shared
team objective. The NEBA League Playoffs and Championship are the ultimate goal. Teams set goals, make decisions, communicate, and solve problems in a supportive, trusting atmosphere to accomplish team goals & objectives. All NEBA League and related team and individual activities are governed by the NEBA League Rules & Regulations. Click here to acquire an NEBA League Team.

How do I become a team owner in the NATIONAL EMCEE BATTLE ASSOCIATION?

All eligible parties and applicants must meet basic league eligibility requirements to purchase a NEBA League. Team ownership offers many benefits including but not limited revenue sharing, licensing, and equity. Click here to learn more and become a NEBA League team owner in the NEBA League.

How do I join the league as an Authorized NEBA Sponsor?

An authorized sponsor in the NEBA League is a person and/or organization who is an active registered member of NEBALeague.com and is designated as a “Sponsor” on a NEBA Team or affiliate. All applicants must meet league eligibility requirements. Click here to learn more and become a NEBA League Sponsor.

What is a NEBA League Membership?

A NEBA League Membership is a subscription plan for NEBALeague.com and its affiliates. The membership subscription plan provides members access to NEBA League benefits such as discount promo codes for NEBALeagueStore.com, NEBA League designations like “Emcee” and/or “DJ” and/or “Service Provider” and/or “Sponsor etc., access to tools and resources, and many other benefits as a NEBA League Subscribed Member. Subscription packages are offered as Free, Gold & Platinum options. Click here to learn more and become a NEBA League Member.


The “Quotables Project” is a biz development and financial literacy project designed to promote entrepreneurship principals, concepts, and ideas by applying quotes from Hip Hop culture to the NEBA MONTH QUOTABLE. For example, NEBALeague.com will publish a business principal, concept, or idea on the QUOTABLES page once a month like: (“Business Intelligence”) and someone would post “life without knowledge is death in disguise,” Emcee: Talib Kweli. Or (“Profit Margins”) and post “You might win some, but you just lost one,” Emcee: Lauryn Hill. NEBA Members can post related quotes and be featured. Member DJs can remix the QUOTABLES with cutting, scratching & blending and be featured in the league. Click here to submit a NEBA QUOTABLE.

What is the NEBA Hip Hop Committee?

The NEBA League Hip Hop Committee is a group of people assigned and officially delegated to vote on NEBA competition. They are comprised of Hip Hop Legends. Hip Hop Legends are Emcees, Rappers, DJs, Graffiti Artists, Break Dancers, leaders, influencers & more who have moved the needle in Hip Hop culture in New York City and around the world in the 80s, 90s, & 2000s. The committee is entrusted and charged with evaluating talent using the scoring system. Click here to learn more and become a Hip Hop Committee Member.

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The National Emcee Battle Association (“NEBA”) is a Pro Sports Battle Rap League. NEBA is comprised of Six (6) Conferences in the U.S.A. Teams compete for battle rap supremacy to win the NEBA Championship.